Jerusalem’s Future, Naino se Naino ko mila, When gazes meet. Song, Adnan Sami.

.  Naino se naino ko mila – Our gazes met.  (Kaahe ko sataaye hai aa bhee aa Why do you make me suffer, come close to me. Nain se naino ko mila. Dekh naa yu berukee se aaj toh najar mila le.  Look at the unfortunate, our gazes have met today. Hai kasam tujhe divaanee pyaar kaa koyee sila de
This radiance is love redeemed. Jabase teree aankhe jhukee hain, tabse meree saanse rukee hain. When you lowered your gaze, it is only then that my heart stops. Choree choree kvaabo me aa bhee jaa. Come as a thief in my dreams.  Keh rahee hai meree mohabbat thoda sa karar de de What is the point of my love if there is no acknowledgement from you? Sirf yeh meree hai chaahat chain mujhako yaar de de. Only in my appearance fulfill my desires, Holy One. Har dhadkan gaane lagee hai, banke nasha chhaane lagee hai. Each heart begins to sing, spreading as desire.  Dhire dhire baaho me aa bhee jaa. Come to my arms slowly.


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