Chalthe Chalthe, Walking the path of life. Film, Pakeezah. (Urdu for pure.)

Chalthe chalthe yunhi koi mil gayatha, In travels you may find life’s companions. Saarae raah chalthe, those who travel all the way. Vahi thamke ruhae gayi hai meri raath dhalthe dhalthe, stopping  they make a home with me every night. Vohi thumsae keh gayi hae meri raath jhalthe jhalthe. They tell me that they were companions in strife.  Jo kahi gayi mujh se, this is what was told to me, vo zamana keh raha hai,  a period of history that spoke. Ifsana ban gayi hain merae baath chalthe, I made a picture of my story, as I walked onward. Shabae inthizaar aakhir kabhi hogi vaqth sar bhi, Sometimes, your journey’s partner waits for the appropriate moment, ye chiraag bujh rahe hain, to put out the embers of life, mere saath jalthe jalthe in order to burn as one.

ELIE SAAB. Haute Couture. Spring, Summer 2015. Song, Without You.

Lake Superior and Immanuel Kant. The virtues of the beloved.

The struggle for moral when governments betray. Songs of Rabindranath Tagore, 1941. Vocalist, Pratima Mukherjee.


Modhyodhine jobe gaan bondho kore pakhi, When in the middle of the day, birds stopped singing, Hae rakhal, benu thobo bajao aekaki. Protector of the Universe, sing now to remove our abandonment. Pranthoropranthero kone rudhro boshi thai shone, In the far corners, anger is received. Modhurero shopnabeshe dhyanomogono aakhi. Dreaming of a land of honey keep us alive.  Hae rakhal, benu jobe bajao aekaki. O God, hear our cry. Shohosha uchhoshi uthe bhorieya aakash, intention blossoms to cover the sky. Thrishathoptho biroher nirudho nisshash. The breath of the hopeless, thirsty. Aomboropranthe je dhure domboro gombhir shure. Those who are able to go to the far reaches, Jagaya biddutchande speak of somberly clothed lightning.  Aasanna baisakhi, a prideful spring. Hae rakhal, benu jobe bajao aekaki. God when will you sing to pardon our betrayals?

Estates in Britain, France and Italy. To the manor born.


Here’s how you feel when you are trying to get on top of a problem.

topofthemountainWords for eager climbers. “I’ve learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain. But all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” Unknown Author.

Kasturba Gandhi, wife of MK Gandhi. Nobility denied. 1944.


Kasturba Mohandas Gandhi was the wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. In association with her husband, Kasturba Gandhi was a political activist fighting for civil rights and Indian independence from the British.

Jerusalem day many moons ago.


Elif Khan. Jalthe Dhiyae. What glory was and will be allowed to burn in His sight.

Aaj agar milan ki raath hothi,  If today were the night of our meeting,  jaane kya baath hothi, I wonder what would have taken place, I believe it to be a glorious undertaking. Sunthe hain jab pyaar ho tho diye jal uthte hain, I understand that when true love is found, the lamp lights will surely rise. Thann mein, mann mein aur nayan mein, dhiye jal uththe hain, it is as if a body were on fire. Especially eyes which are a window to the beyond. Aaja piya aaja ho..Naa ja piya aaja, Come beloved and do not leave this time.  Do not leave me behind, as I wait only for You.  Bithani therae saaye mein, saaye mein, Zindagani bithani there saaye mein, saaye mein, in your shadow I long to live.  Kabhi kabhi kabhi kabhi. Sometimes aise dhiyon se such  lamps lag bhi jaathi aag bhi, can turn into a full blown fire Aa.. dhule dhule se aanchalon pe lag hain jaathe raag bhi, in this manner sometimes clothes catch on fire.  Hain viraano mein badhalthe dekh mann ke baag bhi, In bravery, these embers change and shift opening every soul to gardens. Apno mein shringar ho tho dhiye jal uthte hain, if you have virtue, lamps will also burn to light your beauty. Khwashishon ke aur sharam ke dhiye jal uthte hain, one’s desires and shame can be rescinded in glorious light. Zindhagani bithani therae saaye mein, saaye mein, mera nahi.. mera nahi hai woh dhiya jo jal raha hai mere liye, the light within souls are not ours,  meri tharaf kyun ye ujaale aaye hain inko rokiye, so why did such glory come our way?  Yoon begaani roshni mein Kab talak koi jiye, furthermore, how is it possible to remain in such glory? Saason mein jhankaar ho tho, dhiye jal uththe hain,  if one’s breath is full of life, then too will lamps will alight. Kangano mein dhiye jal uththe hain, in every corner there is illumination,  aaja piya hmm jalthe dhiye, come beloved to your resting place.  Bithani therae saaye mein bithani zindhagani, so that I can spend my life in your shadow.