Hridhoyo Rawsh Mondhirae. The song of devotion to the dark Goddess, Kali. Anuradha Padawal, singer.

Hridhoyo rawsh mondhire dharao ma thribhongo hoae, In the heart of nectar, stand alone as the three in one deity. Hoae baka dhema dhekha, allow me to see your presence.  Sri radhare  bamiloyae, next to Radha, Lord Krishna’s beloved. Noro koro koti beara, Traveller of the three worlds, Heaven, Earth and Hell, bhuli ami phitho dhora,  I beg forgiveness for transgressions.  Mathai dhema mohon thara, your luminescent crown reveal the moon and stars.  Chorone choron dhue… In order that I wash your feet.  Othaji noro shiro mala, when you awaken, the flowers of the different realms bloom in season.  Kali chede howo ma kala, let us into divinity,  so that a human being can partake of the bliss. Ogo o pashaner mai, O, daughter, (keeper) of  death. Hrith komole kalo shoshi, the dark one who has taken over my heart, dekhthe boro bhalo bashi, gives me joy. Thaeji oshi dhorma bashi, so much so as that it is easy to die of faith.  Bhoktho bonsha purai hoyae, conquer my devotion hokae dhema dheka,  to allow your presence, Sri Radhar bamiloe, You who stands next to the beloved consort of Lord Krishna, Radha.

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