Bhavana re, Desires of the Mind. Thumri Kathak dance style of hindustani classical music.

Mil jave nanda ko lauta, I will regain my heart when my Beloved Lord returns. Mere man, bhavana re, mere man bhavana, such are the desires of my soul.  Ein hethe einhi rath puja, the One who comes in a chariot is the object of my worship.  Aur kamna manne nahi duja, the mind will allow no other thoughts. Lokanath sab thyagi When people relinquish their worldly desires, einke karana re, it is His doing…Bhavana re, these are of one’s soul’s stories. Mil jaave nandhe ko laut, when my Beloved returns. Ab tho bhayo bhupsir thaja upri,  forget the delights of this world, sab mili kya sauja,what will their treasures behold? Bhul gaye ghar ghar ke makhan, see how everybody has forgotten the delicacies of home made butter, chakhana re makhana, yearn instead the bliss of God, and try to obey him in a similar manner. Vahi jamuna vahi gopi, There is the Jamuna river where the handmaidens of the Lord reside. Vahi thath, vahi kunj, vahi sakha, there is the place of pilgrimage with enchanted forests and  friends. Bansi butte, bina Krishna, But these without the song of the flute of the Lord Krishna yaha brij nahi lagthe, can never become paradise. Suhavana re mere man bhavana re, listen intensely to these wishes of my heart.  Jaise dhukh haro prabhu jan ki, just as You vanquish the sorrows of people, vaise arj suno brindoki ennoble the world. Prem bakthi morae dije, give me the love of devotion, mere mana, parana re as this is the way my soul will be saved. Bhavana re, mere mana bhavana re these are the desires of mind.

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