Anjoli Loho Mor. Take my burning light. Smt. Sandhya Mukherjee. Lyrics of Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Anjoli loho mor shongeethe, Take my burning light presented in song. Prodipo shikha shomo kaanpiche praan momo, the light that infuses my soul, thomahae shundhoro bondhithe shongithe, binds beauty together. Thomari debaloye ki shukhe ki jaani,  in your care what happiness matters, dhule dhule uthoe amari dehokhani as they rise up through the body. Aarothe nrithyae bhongithe shongithe…Within the dancing light explain and sing, puloke bikoshilo premero shothodhol, in love’s opened eyes one meets truth, gondhe ruupe roshe kori che tolo mol, which becomes entranced in love’s nectarine fragrance. Thomari mukhe chaahi amari baani jotho, I look to you to speak for me, lutayae pode jhora phuler motho, in order that words fall like strewn flowers thomore podho thole ronjithe shongithe..under your feet bringing new song. Anjoli loho mor… prodipo shikha shomo kaapiche praan momo thomahae shundhoro bondhithe shongithe. The light that infuses my soul binds beauty together.

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