Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Receive the grace of love.

 Sukh dukh jhoote dhan bhi jhoota,  Happiness and sadness are false as is wealth. Jhooti moh maya, false is one’s illusion, sacha man ka vo kaun a jahan, go where those with a truthful heart live. Prem ratan dhan payo. Ni sa sa, sa ni ni re payo prem ratan dhan paya, receive the grace of love. Payo chaayo, aayo, gaayo, receive, share, come and sing. Ho saiyan thu kamal ka baathe bhi kamal ki, beloved you are truly wonderful, your words are wonderful as well, lagan rang jyotiyan bholi mai kamal ki, we made life’s colors bright, par par payo re, prem ratan dhan payo, ratan ki milan laayo dhan payo, bring our meeting over so that you can receive its wealth. Kisi ne laga rang jyotian, bholi mai kamal ki someone has lit the colors of life making it forgetful, parr payo re prem ratan dhan payo, anjuman bhar aayo chaayo. Make a society with love and share that message across the world.

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