Diwani Masthani, The exuberant life. Dance performance, Elif Khan.

Adhuri apsara, mai huzoor ali apsara, I am servant of that rare gem,  athi sundara, that is so beautiful,  saath sath, brings truth home to you, ho ko hai ali hariyali ali, o ali, say the name of God. Nazar jo theri laagi diwani ho gayi, once our gaze met, you have made me young again. Diwani haan diwani ho gayi, yes, young, so young again. Mashroor mere ishq ki kahani ho gayi, my love for you became divine, jo jag ne na mani tho mayene bithani kahan thi mai dekho kahan chali aayi, those who did not let me live are taken aback by how far I have come.  Kehete hai ye diwani mastani ho gayi, that life has been renewed. Diwani thu masthani thu deewani pakeezah hasthi hai theri murani hai, the pure delight of your grace, sabh noor noor sa bhikra, that is understood as the most holy. Hai iq bhul gaya, even as the world forgets, sarra saassa sarra.

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