Thumi Ami Dujon Priyo, You are my Beloved God.

, Shwapne dekhi ekti nothun ghor, thumi ami dujon priyo thumi ami dujon, bahire bokul bone, kuhu papiya kore gunjon, swapne dekhi ekti nothun ghor, abeshe dhule phuloshojai shui, mukti pae haashe molika jui, kane kane bole, chinechi, aui uthol shomiron, tumi …purnima chand koi ganar shurr chonchol ora dujon, premo jyoti anondo obirol chol chol, moumachi koi guun guun gayi, mukho mukhi dujone shekhan jaai sharoti au shefali gauye pore koi brojer madhubon eitho brojer madhubon, thumi ami dujon priyo swapne dekhi ekti nothun ghor.

YOU and I are together and finally see a new home. Outside in the forest of the bokul trees, birds sing glory. Excited, flowers fall and welcome You. Having won salvation the ruler jasmine flowers delight. They speak softly to the ears of the world, recognize, remember your Master. The moon speaks of a song representing the reunion of God and human beings as restless moods. Light the candle of love so that happiness spreads quickly. The bees sing praises to herald the new beginning, God.  The shefali or jasmine flowers cascade down in Brindavan, the beloved abode of Lord Krishna. The Lord creates a new home that can only be assembled in dreams.

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