Friends of the West that quiet storms.

Dhokhino shomirono shaathe baajo benuka modhu madhobi shure chaitra purnima raathe, baajo benuka dhokhino shomirono shaathe, Friends of the West speak so that the sweetness of the spring praises the full moon of the chaitra season. Baajo sheerna srotho nodhi theere, sing of the broken ones near the banks of the river, ghuum jobe nome mono gheere, when sleep envelopes the souls, jobe jhorero melubai theere, when the storms are finished, kono phulo renuka what is left behind is a banquet of flowers. Modhu malothir bela bone ghonao nisha shopono aano jagorone, spin the web of dreams amidst the sweet maloti flowers in bloom. Mono jobe rohe na ghore biroho loke shae bihore, when hearts can no longer bear burdens, they become desolate as the people who stole them. Jobe nirashar baluchore  when despair’s weaving pode baluka, has fallen like sand, baaje benuka, dokhino shomirono shaathe. Sing of the West that comes with friends.

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