Classic Bollywood Mujra, Svetlana Tulasi and Chakkar group. Moscow. Russia, (Kathak Dance.)

Sakhia aaj mujhe neend nahi aayegi, suna hai theri mehfil mae rus jagaa hai, aankho aankho mai raath guzar jaayegi, suna hai theri mehfil mai rus jaga hai.  Friends, I will not be able to sleep today, after learning that there is going to be drinking in your party. Insan kisi duniya mae, pyar kiya tho darna kya, pyar kiya tho koi chori nai ki, chup chup karke marna kya.  There are some people in this world who take offense at love. They should understand that love is not theft. Thus, there is no need to die for it. Inhi logo nae inhi logo nae, lae aaj dupatta mera, ho ji ho dupatta mera. These people have taken my veil, and come again for it over and over again. Salame ishk meri jaan zaratho bhul karlo thum humse pyar karne ki zara tho bhul karlo. Salutations beloved ones do make a mistake so that you know my love was real. Mera dil bae chaine hae humsafar ke liye. My heart is hungry for the journey that is ahead of us. Dhina na ka nak dhin na. Sound of music. Kabhi hum judaae ke sadh mae uthale, be consoled in separation, kabhi hum akele mai harial kar le, in solitude we can be happy.  Dhil ka kya kare sahibae. What can hearts do when they have no master?

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