Success of Satyagraha over evil depends upon the charities of faith. Harijan, the beloved of God.

harijan12There are many who, whether from mental laziness or from having fallen into a bad habit, believe that God is and will help us unasked.  Gandhi (Harijan, 28 Apr 1946, p. 109) God answers prayer in His own way, not ours. His ways are different from the ways of mortals. Hence they are inscrutable. Prayer presupposes faith. No prayer goes in vain. Gandhi (Harijan, 29 Jun 1946, p. 209) (YI, 19-3-1931, p. 40.) My advice is Satyagraha first and Satyagraha last. There is no other or better road to freedom. I hold are essential for every Satyagrahi. He must have a living faith in God, for He is his only Rock. (H, 11-3-1939, p. 44.) In Satyagraha there is no place for fraud or falsehood, or any kind of untruth.  A Satyagrahi never misses, can never miss, a chance of compromise on honourable terms, it being always assumed that, in the event of failure, he is ever ready to offer battle. He needs no previous preparation, his cards are always on the table. Satyagraha is essentially a weapon of the truthful. A Satyagrahi relies upon God for protection against the tyranny of brute force. (H, 25-3-1939, p. 64)


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