MK Gandhi: European civilization is satanic we see for ourselves. An obvious proof of this is the war that is going on at present. The need for Swaraj or self-government.

It is so terrible that the Mahabharata War was nothing in comparison. This should be a warning to us and we should remember that our sages have given us the immutable and inviolate principles that our conduct should be godly and that it should be rooted in dharma. We should follow these principles alone. So long as we do not follow dharma, our wish will not be fulfilled, notwithstanding all the grandiose schemes we may devise. Mr. Montagu offers us swaraj. Today we can in no way benefit from that swaraj. We must make use of the legacy left us by our rishis and munis. The whole world knows that the tapasya that was practiced in ancient India is found nowhere else. Even if we want an empire for India, we can get it through no other method but that of self 378 disciplines. We can be certain that once the spirit of discipline comes to pervade our lives, we shall be able to get anything we may want. We should understand that the less violence a religion permits, the more is the truth contained in it. Truth and non-violence are our goal. Non-violence is the supreme dharma; there is no discovery of greater import than this. So long as we engage in mundane actions, so long as soul and body are together, some violence will continue to occur through our agency. But we must renounce at least the violence that it is possible for us to renounce.  If we can ensure the deliverance of India, it is only through truth and non-violence.


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