Most adorable angel ever. Tarana by Mayuri dancers. Kathak.

dherena thanadherena dheem na dherena dhir thum, tha dhir thakar dhir dhim thaka dheem dherena thana dherena dheem, dherena nadherena na dhir dhir thum thana dherena odha nidha nidha dhani dheem thaana dherena, thana dhir dhum thum thana, thana, dhere na dhum na dhere na dheem thana dherena odhi nadhir kitha dhum dheem thanana dherena, thana dhana dheem thadhare thadhare dhum, dhere dhum na dhir na dhir, thaam thaam dhakithaka thum, dha, thakithathak thakitathak, ek, dho, theen, char….dherena thana dherena thana dheem.

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