Dheem dheem thadhare dhani dheem. Dances of Russia. Mayuri. Kathak dance.

Dheem dheem thadari thani deem thanna dere na, hum se raha nahi jaaye, We cannot last much longer. Dhariya pae suna suna, those outside the wall, pay attention. Dheem dheem thadari dhani dheem. Piya basanth hai, Beloved it is spring. Phule phule, riotous are flowers. Bhavara sadha bolare, badhara garaje. The bees hum and thundering clouds acknowledge them. Bijuri chamake nadhiya hilole. Lightning strikes and rivers respond passionately. Pa dha ni sa…hum se raha nahi jaaye, dhariya pae sunna sunna, dheem tadari dani dheem.

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