Apsara Aayi, Aphrodite Arrived. Russian dancer of Mayuri.

Komal kaaya ki moh maya, My soft skin is enchanting, Punava chandana nhale, I’m bathed in moonlight, Sonyaat sazale roopyat bhijle, Bedecked in gold, drenched in silver, Ratnaprabha tanu nyaale, I have worn the shimmer of rubies. Hee natali thatali I’m adorned. Jashi umatali chandani rang mahaali. As moonlight’s descent. Mee youvan bijli I am lightning, paahun thizli Indrasabha bhavatali, that has struck Lord Indra’s court. Apsara aayi Indrapuri tun khaali. Here comes the nymph down from heaven. Pasarli laali ratnaprabha tanu nyaali. Her presence has bathed the earth. Ti hasali gaali chandani rang mahaali. As her smile brightened the world. Apsara aayi. Punava chandana nhali Here comes the nymph bathed in moonlight. Chhabidaar surat dekhani, janu hirkani, naar gulzar. My face is so beautiful, I’m a priceless diamond, I’m a rose in full bloom. Saangate umar kanchuki bhapudi mukhi. My blouse, the silent sufferer, Sosate bhaar, complains about the heavy burden it has borne. Shelati khunaavi kati. My waist beckons you. Tashi hanuvati, nayan talwar, as does my dangerous eyes. Hee rati madu bharli, daji. She’s the intoxicating goddess of love, thinagi shingarachi. She’s the very spark of passion. Kasturi darvalali, daji, chook hi varyachi, the fact of her intoxication is the fault of a breeze not of her.

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