Evgeny Onegin, A Novel by Aleksandr Pushkin, the greatest of Russian writers. 1837.

Petri de vanite il avait encore plus de,cette espece d’orgueil qui fait avouer avec la meme indifference les bonnes comme les mauvaises actions, suite d’un sentiment de superiorite, peut-etre imaginare.”Tire d’une letter particuliere. Vanity births pride which cannot distinguish between good and bad actions.  Feelings of superiority are always imaginary.  The is how truth is drawn from the world.
Not planning fun for noble people,
And liking friendship so far,
I'd show you a present, little,
That might be better than your are,
Much better than a charming soul,
Than a procured holy dream,
Than poetry of life and goal,
Than simple style and high thoughts' stream;
But so be it - in the role,
Receive the different chapters' lot:
Half-simple ones, partly half-solemn,
Ideal or from people, common, --
The careless fruit of playful thought,
Of sleepless nights, light inspirations,
Unripe and faded years, passed,
The cold mind's intent observations
And heart's sore notes in the past.

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