The War Effort, Invasion of Normandy. 1944. Quit India Movement.

 Invasion of Normandy. Operation Overlord

Invasion of Normandy. Largest Amphibious Invasion in human history.

Invasion of Normandy. Largest amphibious assault in  history

Quit India

“and the Allies who had occupied Rome on 4 June 1944 and in the same month had opened a second front in Normandy, were clearly winning the war. Gandhi, on the other hand, was speaking from  a position of weakness. In August 1942, when the Quit India resolution was passed and the Allies were losing the war, nationalist India was eager and ready for a fight and many thought that if sufficient mass pressure could be put, Britain weakened by war, would have to leave India as she had left Singapore, Malaya, and Burma in the face of Japanese onslaught. But all that had changed, for nationalist India, now was weak, disorganized and dispirited.So Gandhi had to submit to the Viceroy a “concrete proposal” as asked for by him. This he did not as a militant fighter but as a cautious negotiator. So Gandhi without consulting Congress Working Committee Members submitted to the Viceroy that he would advise to offer “full cooperation in the war effort if the declaration of immediate Indian independence is made and a National Government responsible to the Central Assembly be formed, subject to the proviso that during the pendency of the war, military operations should continue as at present but without involving financial burden on India. The Viceroy’s reaction was predictable. The proposals were completely unacceptable to him. As the government was not prepared for any settlement Gandhi had to bide his time relying on what he said in 1944, “After all there is such a thing as world opinion, apart from the opinion of the authorities.” Reference,

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