The Fall of the Roman Empire, when greed and corruption swayed the hearts and minds of ordinary people.

The Third Punic War. Might is Right.

“In times of war, the law falls silent.” Cicero on war and laws.


The plunder gained from successful conquests was added to the coffers of the general in charge of the campaign as well as the troops making them rich and therefore influential while simultaneously ingratiating them with the Roman citizenry making generals extremely powerful figures.“Others asserted that the Romans had no such policy in view when they obtained their supremacy; and that they had gradually and insensibly become perverted to the same ambition for power, which had once characterised the Athenians and Lacedaemonians; and though they had advanced more slowly than these last, that they would from all appearances yet arrive at the same consummation. For in old times they had only carried on war until their opponents were beaten, and induced to acknowledge the obligation of obedience and acceptance of their orders; but that nowadays they had given a foretaste of their policy by their conduct to Perseus, in utterly destroying the Macedonian dynasty root and branch, and had given the finishing stroke to that policy by the course adopted in regard to the Carthaginians; for though this latter people had committed no act of irretrievable outrage, they had taken measures of irretrievable severity against them, in spite of their offering to accept any terms, and submitting to any injunctions that might be placed upon them.” Polybius: Histories.  Due to the wealth gained from Carthage Rome was capable of expanding its borders to encompass great swathes of land further increasing the power of the military and leading to the establishment of governors who worked as regents controlling sections of the land.

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