From Mayar Khela, The Play of Illusions; Mora Jole Sthole Kotho Chole, illusions create myths that are impossible to dispel. By Rabindranath Tagore, written and put into music in 1888.

Writer of Illusions NOT, Rabindranath Tagore, 1888.

Writer of Illusions NOT, Rabindranath Tagore, 1888.

Mora jole sthole kotho chhole maya jaalo gaanthi | While being bound we, the illusory, will 
still create myths whose stories abound. Mora shopono rochana kori alosh noyon gori | 
Building dreams our eyes pass time in leisure. Gopon e hridoye poshi kuhoko - ashono paathi|
Believing this we take the stories secretly into our hearts. As we lay them in front of the 
road ahead they become friends. Mora modiro thorongo thuli basantha sangeeth | These 
illusions play with seasons and make notation of spring. Durasha jaagaye praane praane| 
But they have stolen hope from every soul and songs will not cure melody that has been
removed. Adho -thaane bhanga -gaane bhromor gunjorakul bokuler pathi | Even spring's bees 
and birds have unrealized longings. Noro nari - hiya mora baandhi maya paashe| Kotho bhul 
kore thaara, kotho kaandhe haanshe |Capturing every man and woman, illusions have locked 
humans. They err and make regrets known through wailing. Maya pore chhaya pheli miloner 
maajhe animaan -abhimaan | Casting spells we make humans our playthings eager to display 
their pride. Birohi shopone koye miloner shaathi |In such a guise, we claim revolutionary 
dreams redeem humans bringing them closer to one and other. Cholo shokhi ,cholo | 
kuhokswaponkhela be cholo | Come companions, our play is nearly over. Nobino hridoye rochinobo preme chhol. Let us, instead, fill new hearts with love| promode katabo nobo bashanter 
raati | Submitting to spring, we await nights. |Mora maya jaal gaanthi. How splendidly do 
illusions create myths whose stories abound. Tagore, 1888.


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