Moral dimensions of the Law of Moses. From Christian Ethics: Contemporary Issues and Options By Norman L. Geisler.


Likewise, other verses (Lev.20:2-5;cf.24:22) speak only of sojourners abiding by the Jewish laws of the land while they are visiting Israel. But this does not mean that the law of Moses is given for the alien any more than keeping Islamic law while traveling in a Muslim country shows that God intends everyone to be a Muslim. Yet Jews and non-Jews alike surely are under the natural law (general revelation), which forbids murder, adultery, sodomy, and the like (Lev. 18:24). This is precisely what Paul says in Romans 2:12-15:those “who do not have law of Moses]” nevertheless have a “law written on their hearts.” It is also is what America’s founding fathers meant by “Laws of Nature” that come from “Nature’s God” (in the Declaration of Independence).

Moses commandments


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