The bulwark of a Satyagrahi is God. MK Gandhi.

godhasnoreligionLet no one poohpooh my statement by saying that the Congress has many people who are ashamed to take the name of God.  I am simply trying to state the view in terms of the science of Satyagraha as I have known and developed. The only weapon of the Satyagrahi is God, by whatsoever name one knows Him. Without Him the Satyagrahi is devoid of strength before an opponent armed with monstrous weapons. Most people lie prostrate before physical might. But he who accepts God as his only Protector will remain unbent before the mightiest power. The Satyagrahi’s object is to convert the wrong-doer. He should avoid artificiality in all his doings. He acts naturally and from inward conviction. Keeping these observations before his mind’s eye, the reader will perhaps appreciate the following qualifications which, I hold, are essential for every Satyagrahi:  He must have a living faith in God, for He is his only Rock.

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