The Impotence of Any Revolt Against the Truth. Corinthians 13:8. The Bible. “We can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth.”

There are two great truths against which the world has been in perpetual revolt.

dailydevotion(1) The moral truth of God’s government. This means that there is a living and a righteous God; that He will reward righteousness and punish evil. That is the sublime belief uttered in every page of the Bible. By that belief the noblest nations have lived, and the noblest periods of history been shaped. (2) Denying that truth, the world becomes a fathomless and maddening problem. It becomes what Carlyle said the materialists made it, “A mill without a miller,” whose wheels turn endlessly in the tide of the ages, but without purpose or result. Such revolt is the madness of an empty pride, and is as futile as it is wicked. One proof of the moral government of God is, that the centuries assert it. Think how many great monarchies have arisen and covered the world with empire, and where are they now? Did ever empire seem more likely to endure than the Roman? What does the philosophic historian say about France? “France slit her own veins and let her own life-blood out on the day of St. Bartholomew, and has been perishing of exhaustion ever since.” On all nations which have become corrupt, the same fate has fallen sooner or later.  And what does all this mean, but that there is an avenging holiness in the world?  There are those who resist that infinite attraction. Some of you have done it. But again the voice of Paul speaks, and eighteen centuries have only added victorious confirmation to his words;  “we can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth.” One proof of truth is found in eternity.  Error carries the seeds of its own death with it. It is error that changes; truth abides. The history of civilisation is a history of the slow but certain conquests of truth. There have been periods when the world has seemed to have fallen asleep.  Such men have always been disbelieved. But time has tried them and the truth has proved itself truth by living and triumphing. Astrology and alchemy have perished, but astronomy and chemistry survive. This is so because time has always been wheat from chaff.  Taken and interpreted from:

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