Is God Necessary, No! and Yes! Herbert F. Vetter – 2007. MK Gandhi and the inevitable fulfillment of the law of value.



Sabarmati Ashram.

Sabarmati Ashram. The law of value as sovereignty.

The question is whether we may not have more to fear from an absolute freedom in human hands than that same freedom in the hands of God.

Instead of asking, “Is God necessary?” why not ask, What kind of God is necessary for adequate human living, for our common task of reconstruction, for the integration of life, persons, peoples, cultures, worlds?” God’s balance-wheel is true, precise, and powerful: it is the wheel of Justice and of Law. But who is this God whom we adore-else we perish? God is that Reality which is truly of ultimate and of sovereign worth, the inescapable power standing in solemn, sympathetic, majesty above the petty gods we fashion with our hands, our hearts, our minds, our souls. Here is the God above gods, mightier than the mightiest-and yet with limitations on divine powers, providing us with freedom. Here is the God who, with firmness, seeks the the integrated growth of life. Here is the Reality each of us meets in all of our experience. Beneath these symbols of divinity lies the reality: dim but unmistakable distant throughout all time and space but present in each act of every creature. Unclear though our vision be, we still can see that God has a double face, displaying the mask of tragedy as well as the laughing mask of sheer delight. God with this double face, stands under and above our shells, our walls that hide us from our deeper selves. Living and feeling with our suffering, the weakness and divisiveness with the total person and the total culture having a craving for togetherness, for growing synthesis of life with life, God so understood–is the sovereign reality. God the perennial destroyer of our patterns of exclusive pretentiousness, our insulting, isolating apathy, our rigid impositions, our demand for conformity to our values, our preferences, our way of doing things; the breaker of restrictive boundaries between groups; the puncturer of our damning, desperate, proud idolatries of race and nation, sect and self. The true God, even the God of Love, is the

Leveler of pretensions, the overturner of our lust for sacred idols of infallibility. This working is one piece with God’s creative passion: the fascination for the growing process, the ever-present push toward health and wholeness, the sacred lure toward distant goals–as yet unrealized. God is that reality which is of ultimate, integral, sovereign worth; and whether it be the creative, sustaining, redeeming or leveling work within our lives and times, this universal Becoming Being is operative. This reality is the God of the scientist, who frames, corrects, rejects hypotheses about the ways of people and things seeking always for the exact question between what is in fact and the theory about the fact. This is the God of the sculptor, the architect, the poet, the composer, the dancer, the artists who give inspiration to fashion forms of beauty for delight, for expression of their new found meanings, and for relating self and others to what matters most. This the God of the mother who expresses in her fond maternal care, the genuine concern of God for all the creatures, and who, with her partner, joins the sacred common quest for joy, for liberation for life in more abundance: who establishes and maintains order maintains ordered ways of living. This is the God that all people have loved throughout all ages. This is the God of free faith. Here is the valid object of our reverent search for truth and beauty, justice and integrity. This the power of Wholeness we love when we will to live and will to grow. This is the God we dread when we will to thwart the growth value in the world. Here is the God of all religious experience; that is to say, of all our experience that stretches toward fulfillment, toward deeper harmony of life with life.

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