Mere Humnafas, My Sorrow. Urdu lyrics of Poet Shakeel Badhayuni. Singer, Fareeda Khanum. Eichmann in Jerusalem and the Hungarian testimonial. The trial of the past, 20th century.


Mere Humnafas Mere Humnawa Mujhe Dhosth Ban Ke Dhagha Na Dhe, Do not become Lord and then betray our faith. My life hurts as love left us. Main Hoon Dhard-e-Ishq Se Jaan-balab, Mujhe Zindagi Ki Dhua Na Dhe Do not become Lord and then betray our faith. My life hurts as love left us.  Thus, do not bless me with more life  Mere Dhaagh-e-Dhil Se Hai Raushni, Isi Raushni Se Hai Zindagi-e Mujhe Darr Hai Aae Mere Chaaragar, Yeh Charaag Thu Hi Bujha Na Dhe, My burden is intolerable, how can it be otherwise when I am in the kingdom of hell?  Mujhe Chhorh Dhe Mere Haal Par, Thera Kya Bharosa Hai Chaaragar, Yeh Theri Nawazish-e-Mukhthazrr Mera Dhardh Aur Barda Na Dhe. Kabhi Jaam Labh Se Laga Liya Kabhi Muskurake Hata Dhiya, Theri Ched Chard Aeysa Kiya Meri Thashnagi Ko Barha Na Dhe.  Mera Azm Ithna Baland Hai, Ke Paraaye Sholon Ka Darr Nahin, When you pierce into my eyes you see hatred, yet they are the eternal witnesses of God, Do not then call me to you so that these are destroyed as well. Leave me to my condition because how in the world can I trust you? Mujhe Khauf Aathish-e-Gul Se Hai, Yeh Kahinn Chaman Ko Jala Na Dhe, My face is one that I cannot show to the world yet you allowed for this to be shown to everyone. Christlike you pour wine into my mouth only to take it away again. Vo Uthe Haain Leke Humosubu Arrey O Shakeel Kahaan Hai Thuu. Thera Jaam Lene Ko Basm Maain Koi Aur Haath Bardha Na Dhe.   I am going to pretend that this is not my story or my life because how can it be so evil when I have served you? The fire of longing so bright in me showers the earth and permeates all beings. I am afraid that you will even take that away. As they gather to slaughter, where were you Shakeel? Beware of harm, evil.  Life is like a mirage. Keep from wanting more.


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