Aaja Sanam. Come beloved. Vocalist Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey. From the film Chori, Chori, (Stealth.) For George.


Aaja sanam madhur chaandni me humm tumm mile to milane me jiya jaayegi bahar, jhoomne lage ga aasman keheta hai dil aur machalta hai dil more saajan ne chal dil taaro ke paas, lagata nahi ye dil yahaan, bhigi bhigi raat me dil ka daaman thaamle khoi khoi zindagi hardam tera naam le, chaand ki beheki nazar kehe rahi hai pyar kar zindagi ye eak safar kaun jaane kal kidhar.. aajaa..kehata ye dil aur machalta hai dil, more sajan ne chal mujhe taaro ke paas, lagtha nahi hai dil yahaan, chahe aaj to badal ban khul jaaon me dulhan jaisa aasman dharti par le aayoun mai, chand ka dola saje jhoom taro me mache jhoom ke duniya kahe pyar me do dil me, aajaa….

moon and stars

Come beloved let us meet in the moonlight. Until the meeting our souls will not be freed. Then skies bloom. My heart speaks and is stirred because my beloved has taken me to the stars. I no longer wish to remain here. Rain filled nights fills our  riotous hearts and lives lost always take your name. The moon’s tempting glance beckons lovers to gather. Life’s journey is unknown and who knows what tomorrow brings…. if God wishes I will become a cloud so that I may rain over you. The sky appears like a bride who I will bring to the alter. The moon reveals its glory, dancing amidst the stars. The world appreciates the resplendence and concurs that only in these conditions should lovers gather. Come beloved let us meet again in the moonlight.



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