Sufiana Trance; Awakening. Singer Shubha Mudgal.

sufiana trance

Main sutthi raiyaan, Do not awaken me, Main jo sutthi raiyaan Main. Main bulyari, Main buhl gaiyaan. I have brought ruin on myself. Main sutthi raiyaan, yet I kept sleeping. Amrath veley, Main sutthi raiyaan. The dawn’s brightness did not dispel my slumber. Thandhey Thandhey veley jadoon, lang jandey jogi, naam gurada lai jande jogi, jo suthti rabba kyon sutthi raiyaan. Main bulyari, main bulgaiyan. The dawn’s pristine crispness prompts renunciates to praise God.  But they never leave their blessings with the house-bound.  Kyun sutthi raiyaan Rabba….. Kyun sutthi raiyaan Rabba. Why did I not awaken when You came to my home? Each day, I regret my actions. I have failed you Rabba, God. Kyun buhl gaiyaan Main, kyun buhl gaiyaan, how could I forget You? Is my neglect so great?  Sun merey Rabba urdh main urdh paiyaan. Listen O God, I have finally awoken to the shame of my sins, great as they are.  Pard meri ungli the Main chal paiyaan. Reach out and touch me O God as I search for you in earnest now. Rabba…O God.


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