Suun ri abhagan. Listen unfortunate ones. Vocalist Runa Laila.

Suun ri abhagan aade sawan roge mithe ga, aayenge sajan, suun ri abhagan aaade sawan….man mandir ke dwar khulenge, ruup nazar me phul khilenge, prem ki jyot se tere man me, jaghe maghe, jaghe maghe, hoga raushan roge mite ga, aayenge sajan suun ri abhagan. Duniya har ye raine bachera na koi tera na koi mera, pagli e dwar e tu neer bahaye jaghe maghe… aade sawan roge mite ga aayenge sajan sun ri abhagan. Listen unfortunate ones, let the spring arrive and your illness removed when the beloved returns home. In the temple of your mind, the doors open. In the beauty of eyes love blooms, lighting its flames in your heart.  Bright brightness will be light removing illness on the return the Beloved. The world makes you lose, this is its way. No one belongs to you or me. Why reminisce over a mad world? Bright brightness heralds spring. Removal of illness will mark the Beloved’s return.


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