Mono Moro Meghero Shongi. Companion of a shrouded heart. Poet, philosopher Rabindranath Tagore of Bengal. Vocalist, unknown.

Robin redbreasts.

Robin redbreast.

Mono mōro mēghēro shongi, urē cholē dhig dhigonthēro pānē, niḥshīmo śhun’yē śrabono borshono shongīthē, rimi jhim rimi jhim rimi jhim.  Mono mōro honsho bolākār pākhāye jāea urē, kochitho kochitho chokitho thoritho – ālōkē.  Jhoñ jhona moñjīra bājāya jhoñjhā rudhro ānondē, kolō kolō kolo mondrēnirjhorinī, dāk dēay proloya bhane.  Bayu bohe pūrbo shomudro hothē, uccholo cholō – cholō-cholo thothinī thorongē, mono mōro dhāy thāri mottho probāhē thalo-thomalo oronye pubdho śhakhāra āndhōlanē..

The everlasting friend, a surrendered heart has left like a cloud to the far corners of the earth. It wanders there in emptiness until listening to the rainfall  in the season of Srabon, the month, it joins in loud song. My heart with wings has left like a swan to dance with storms. Thunder rings out loud. In happiness it sings of heaven’s artful skill a waterfall, the child of destiny. The wind sways from the sea gushing with life as if she was a kaleidoscope. My heart discovering its dream covers the leafy earth. The eastern princess speaks of heaven’s campaign.


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