Gandhi and his teaching on Islam.

I believe Islam to be as true a religion as my own. My whole soul rebels against the idea that Hinduism and Islam represent two antagonistic cultures and doctrines. To assent to such a doctrine is for me a denial of God. When asked if he was a Hindu. Yes I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist and a Jew.


gandhi and islamOn wrong-doing and how to correct it.



We remember how you loved us. Lyrics and music by Marty Haugen. Piano solo.

rabbinic Jerusalem

We Remember How You Loved Us”

Music and Lyrics by Marty Haugen.

We remember how you loved us to Your death, And still we celebrate for You are with us here. And we believe that we will see You when you come in Your glory, Lord.  We remember, we celebrate, we believe! Here, a million wounded souls Are yearning just to touch you and be healed; Gather all your people, and hold them to your heart. Now we recreate you love, We bring the bread and wine to share a meal;  Sign of grace and mercy, the Presence of the Lord. We remember how you loved us to Your death, And still we celebrate for You are with us here. And we believe that we will see You when you come in Your glory, Lord. We remember, we celebrate, we believe!

Shepherd Me O God. Psalm 23. A psalm of David. Music of Marty Haugen.

shepherd me O Godpsalm 23 hebrew

Shepherd me, O God, beyond my wants,
beyond my fears, from death into life.
God is my shepherd, so nothing shall I want,
I rest in the meadows of faithfulness and love,
I walk by the quiet waters of peace. Gently you raise me and heal my weary soul, you lead me by pathways of righteousness and truth, my spirit shall sing the music of your Name.  Though I should wander the valley of death, I fear no evil, for you are at my side, your rod and your staff, my comfort and my hope. 
Psalm 23:4


Mono Moro Meghero Shongi. Companion of a shrouded heart. Poet, philosopher Rabindranath Tagore of Bengal. Vocalist, unknown.

Robin redbreasts.

Robin redbreast.

Mono mōro mēghēro shongi, urē cholē dhig dhigonthēro pānē, niḥshīmo śhun’yē śrabono borshono shongīthē, rimi jhim rimi jhim rimi jhim.  Mono mōro honsho bolākār pākhāye jāea urē, kochitho kochitho chokitho thoritho – ālōkē.  Jhoñ jhona moñjīra bājāya jhoñjhā rudhro ānondē, kolō kolō kolo mondrēnirjhorinī, dāk dēay proloya bhane.  Bayu bohe pūrbo shomudro hothē, uccholo cholō – cholō-cholo thothinī thorongē, mono mōro dhāy thāri mottho probāhē thalo-thomalo oronye pubdho śhakhāra āndhōlanē..

The everlasting friend, a surrendered heart has left like a cloud to the far corners of the earth. It wanders there in emptiness until listening to the rainfall  in the season of Srabon, the month, it joins in loud song. My heart with wings has left like a swan to dance with storms. Thunder rings out loud. In happiness it sings of heaven’s artful skill a waterfall, the child of destiny. The wind sways from the sea gushing with life as if she was a kaleidoscope. My heart discovering its dream covers the leafy earth. The eastern princess speaks of heaven’s campaign.


We Three Kings of Orient Are. Christmas Hymn on the Nativity of Christ.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, on the philosophy of language. Jewish philosopher circa 1951.

wittgenstein123Ludwig Wittgenstein

“I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.”wittgenstein23

Two Gentlemen of Verona. Play by the great William Shakespeare. Quotes.


At first I did adore a twinkling star, But now I worship a celestial sun.” What, gone without a word? Ay, so true love should do. It cannot speak, For truth hath better deeds than words to grace it.” (2.2.17-19)”  I leave myself, my friends and all, for love.  Thou, Julia, thou hast metamorphosed me, Made me neglect my studies, lose my time,  War with good counsel, set the world at nought;  Made wit with musing weak, heart sick with thought (1.1.11).”

Proteus declares that his love for Julia has transformed him. Ever since he fell in love with Julia, Proteus doesn’t study, he argues with his friends, and isn’t very witty. Understood this way, love does not change one for the better.



Sej ho sooni dekh ke ro’oon. Seeing the empty wedding bed, I weep. Poet Amir Khusrau. Sitar music by Ustad Shujaat Khan.

Sej ho sooni dekh ke ro’oon, mai din naine piya piya karathe huun main, pal bhar sukh na chaine, sej ho sooni dekh ke ro’oon. The wedding bed is empty and I am desolate and without a moment’s peace. Bhai ray malla jo hum kon paar utaar, Haath ka devongi mudra mai , gale ka devun haar. Boatman take me to the other side and I will give you all my treasures here are my necklace and bangle, chains for later deliverance. Sej ho sooni dekh ke ro’oon. The wedding bed is empty and I cried out for my Beloved. Khusro bazi prem ki khelun piya sange, jeeth gai tu piya more, haari pi ke sange, the Poet Khusro sings of the game wherein he lost to his Beloved and grateful that he lost. De re re na e na. Bhair re humra balamva bhai gayi nadiya kinar abbe paar uthar gayee huun humko to rahe ese paar.  My Beloved is caught, Boatman take her to the other side now. I must remain bound. Sej he sooni, dekh ke ro’oon. The wedding bed is empty and in flames. Ek guni ne ye gun kina, hariyal biche re main dedina.  One who is virtuous has sung praises which remain evergreen. Dekho chando ghar kamal daale haran niklega. Look worshippers what majesty Khusro brings to the home, defeating yet uplifting its inhabitants. …Gori sohe sej par mukh par daare kes, chal khusro ghar aapne sanjh bhaayi chau des. The fair maiden now sleeps at last, her face covered with tresses. Come Khusrau, let us return home our work finished. whatdoestheseasympbolize

Jerusalem and the Mediterranean ocean.

Jerusalem and the
Mediterranean ocean.

For You O Lord, My Soul in Stillness Waits. Catholic hymn by Marty Haugen.

For you, O Lord, my soul in stillness waits, truly my hope is in you.  O Lord of Light, our only hope of glory, Your radiance shines in all who look to you, Come, light the hearts of all in dark and shadow.  O Spring of Joy, rain down upon our spirits, Our thirsty hearts are yearning for your Word, Come, make us whole, be comfort to our hearts.  O Root of Life, implant your seed within us, And in your advent draw us all to you, Our hope reborn in dying and in rising.  O Key of Knowledge, guide us in our pilgrimage, We ever seek, yet unfulfilled remain, Open to us the pathway of your peace.