Thimiro Obogunthone, The Timidity of Darkness. Lyrics of Bengali Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Vocalist, Shubinoy Roy.

tagoreThe Realisation:  A Devotee, Tagore wrote in 1916, “When we observe our daily work, individual failures and miseries loom large in our minds; but life leads us instinctively to a wider view. It gives us an ideal of perfection which carries us beyond our limitations. Within us we have a hope which always walks in front of our current experiences. This undying faith in the infinite within.  This faith which will never accept any of our disabilities, which set no boundaries and asserts dreams to become true every day.” Thimiro-obogunthonē bodhono thobo dhāki. Due to the veil of darkness that covers thy lustre Kē thumi momo ongonē dāāralē ēkākī..I am able to hide myself. Āji shoghono śhorborī, mēghomogono thārā,nodīro jolē jhorjhori jhori jhori jhorichē jolodhārā,thomālo bono mormori pobono chalē hāaki.. When clouds envelope starlit nights, the river’s rushing waters sparkle and the leaves of trees toss in the wind, the words that are embedded within my soul, You bring to fruition. Jē kothā momo ontorē anicho thumi taāni,jāni nā kōn‌ monthorē thāhārē dhibo bānī. I am unaware of the glory that will become Thee. Royēchi bādha bondhonē, chiribo, jabo bāthē-Bound, what will free me to travel to the destination You have planned? Kēno ē brithā krondhonē ē niśhi nahi kāthē.  Know this without You all that is will be in vain, our stormy night’s end. Kothino bādhā-longhonē dhibo nā āmi phāaki..Yet no matter the difficulty, I will not squander faith.

St. John Lateran.

St. John Lateran Church.



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