Vithala geeti gawa, Sing of God’s Glory. Vocalist. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Lyrics by Saint Tukaram.

vithala giti gawa vithala chti ghyawa,vithala ubha pahavari devawari,anthancha bandhu vithala krupasindhu,todi bhavbandhu yamapash,tochi sharanangata vithala mukatidata,vithala ja santha samagame,vithala gunnidhi vithala sarvsiddhi,lagali samadhi vithala naame,vithalache naame gheta zale sukh,godawale mukhe tuka mahne.

Singing the songs of the Lord attains selfhood. Those who are in HIS company are called warriors of God.Everlasting friend, the One who provides mercy is the ruler of this earth.Praise HIS glory so that you may attain salvation from the world in assembly of wise and pious people. God who is the master of all virtues is also the giver of wisdom and becoming one with him is possible with the constant chanting of HIS name. Let it be known that it is only his renown that will be made evident. The saint Tukaram sings of Divine Majesty, Vithala.


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