Ke Boshile Aaji, Who has stolen my heart? Vocalist, Kanika Bannerjee. Poet, Philosopher Rabindranath Tagore.



Ke boshile aaji hridayashone bhubone shoron probhu, Jagaile anupamo shundorshobha he hridoyeshor. Shohosha phutilo phulomonjori shukhono torute pashane bohe sudhadhaara. কে বসিলে আজি হৃদয়াসনে ভুবনেশ্বর প্রভু,–জাগাইলে অনুপম সুন্দর শোভা হে হৃদয়েশ্বর ॥ সহসা ফুটিল ফুলমঞ্জরী শুকানো তরুতে,পাষাণে বহে সুধাহারা ॥ Who has filled my heart today? Is it God?  Indeed it is He who has awoken truth, beauty, wonder in souls gathered before the assembly. Of  this he creates his abode. Hope for existence rose in the form of a thousand flowers making hard earth whole. In the funeral hall, holiness reigned.

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