The Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture. Isaiah 56-7. Jamuna Kinare Mero Gaaon. I yearn to be next to my Lord, Krishna. Vocalist, Pt. Mukul Shivaputra.

houseofprayerIsaiah 56:7. these I will bring to my holy mountain,    and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices  will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called  a house of prayer for all nations.”

Jamuna kinare mero gaon saware aijaiyo saware uchi haveli jamuna kinare, uchi haveli maii braj ki gopika naveli radha rangili mero nam bansi bajake jaiyon saware, aijiyo saware chuna chuna kaliyana sej bichaon maii puja karoon subha aur shyam, makhan kha ke jaiyon saware, jamuna kinare, mali mali ke asanna karaaon khisa khisa chandana ghor lagaoon charanana  dhaon subha aur shyam, makhan khake bansi bajake dheere dheere jaiyon saware, jamuna kinare mero gaaon aiyjaiyo saware, uchi haveli maii braj ki gopika naveli, radha rangili mero nam,…saware. I yearn to be near the banks of the river Jamuna where my Lord, Krishna resides. Your house is too high for any mortal to approach, which is the reason why I gather hand-maidens like Radha.  Hoping that in your glory you will include me. The music of the flute heralds your arrival. Come home now Beloved Lord Krishna.  New buds will be strewn on the road and you will be  worshiped day and night. Let it be that you will leave only after having tasted the nectar of devotion. I wish to bathe You in flowers and Your feet in sandal-wood never to far away from them. If you leave do so slowly because my home is near the banks of the river Jamuna, the resident of Lord Krishna in Brindavan.

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