Tujko dariya dili ki kasam saaqiya. Promises made by the river bank. Ghazal or song. Vocalists Jagjit and Chitra Singh.

jerusalem kinare1earthenvesselsTujhko dariya dili ki kasam saaqiya, mustakil daur par daur chalta rahe raun ke-maikada yoon hi badhti rahe ek girta rahe ik sambhalta rahe. Sirf shabnam hi shaan-e-gulistaa nahin shola-o-gul ka bhi daur chalta rahe ashq bhi chasm-e- purnam se behte rahe aur dhil se dhooan bhi nikalta rahe tere kabze mein hai ye nizaami jahaan tu jo chaahe to sehra bane gulsitaan har nazar par teri phool khilte rahe har ishaare pe mausam badalta rahe Sirf shabnam hi shaan-e-gulistaa nahin shola-o-gul ka bhi daur chalta rahe Tere chehre pe ye zulf bikhri huyee neend ki godh mein subah nikhri huyee aur is par sitam ye adaayen teri dil hai aakhir kahan tak sambhalta rahe is mein khoon-e-tamanna ki taaseer hai ye wafa-e-mohabbat ki tasveer hai aisi tasveer badle ye mumkin nahin rang chaahe zamaana badalta rahe.  I have made promises by the river which I will patiently try to keep. You alone understand their measures.  In the golden rainfall beauty became blessed, its falling and rising an occasion. Covered like the morning dew glory burns not as a flower garden but as light making the rose dewy. Passion comes alive and becomes full in Your eyes that bathes all that is. Within the smoke from the heart rises and passes. In Your hold is the kingship of the world.  Such desire could turn all vanity into gardens. Within Your every glance a rose blossomed and within every move seasons changed. Your tortured face hidden underneath locks reveals a morning that is enveloped in sleep. And on this are Your charms made known. How can the heart fulfill its promises now? Only blood stained will is both its image and belief.  Evil must be denied make as we will to change the world into praise.

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