Srabono Jhulate Badolo Rate, A season’s blossoms when night turns to rain. The Songs of Atul Prasad Sen. Vocalist Riddhi Bandyopadhyay.

The Finzi-Continis. Italy under martial law, 1938.

The Finzi-Continis. Italy under martial law, 1939.


Salt march, Satyagraha.

Salt march, Satyagraha. Gandhi and his fellowship.








Srabono jhulate badolo rate thora aayego ki jhuli bi aaye srabono jhulate. Premo githo chande duli bi anonde, bhuli bi bhoyo bhabonai srabono jhulate, gogono hilole kalo megho dole, jhooma jhooma nupuro paai srabono jhulate. Ogo shukhi dukhi dara mukho mukhi duli bi jibono dolai, srabono jhulate badolo rate thora aaye go ki jhuli bi aaye srabono jhulate. In the season when night becomes rain will you come and sit by my side? Together we will find love that delights which will help us to forget terrors. Look the sky is full of rain clouds which sway as if they were the anklets of a girl. The rainfall of seasons. Come all you  prosperous and hungry and face each other as equals. The crossing of life’s path will meet us half-way. Sorrow and gladness are one in the season when night turns to rain, our Beloved.

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