Una Furtiva Lagrima, Donizetti: L’elisir d’amor, Tenor Carlo Maria Giulini. Italian.









Una furtiva lagrima,negli occhi suoi spuntò…quelle festose giovani,invidiar sembrò..,Che più cercando io vò,M’ama, lo vedo. Un solo istante i palpiti del suo bel cor sentir!..Co’ suoi sospir confondere per poco i miei sospir!…Cielo, si può mori. A furtive tear appeared in her eyes…those festive youths she seemed like to envy…What could I wish more. She loves me, I see it. Just for one moment the pulses of her heart to feel!…With her sighs to confuse for a while my sighs!…Sky (heaven/God), yes I could die.


The Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture. Isaiah 56-7. Jamuna Kinare Mero Gaaon. I yearn to be next to my Lord, Krishna. Vocalist, Pt. Mukul Shivaputra.

houseofprayerIsaiah 56:7. these I will bring to my holy mountain,    and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices  will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called  a house of prayer for all nations.”

Jamuna kinare mero gaon saware aijaiyo saware uchi haveli jamuna kinare, uchi haveli maii braj ki gopika naveli radha rangili mero nam bansi bajake jaiyon saware, aijiyo saware chuna chuna kaliyana sej bichaon maii puja karoon subha aur shyam, makhan kha ke jaiyon saware, jamuna kinare, mali mali ke asanna karaaon khisa khisa chandana ghor lagaoon charanana  dhaon subha aur shyam, makhan khake bansi bajake dheere dheere jaiyon saware, jamuna kinare mero gaaon aiyjaiyo saware, uchi haveli maii braj ki gopika naveli, radha rangili mero nam,…saware. I yearn to be near the banks of the river Jamuna where my Lord, Krishna resides. Your house is too high for any mortal to approach, which is the reason why I gather hand-maidens like Radha.  Hoping that in your glory you will include me. The music of the flute heralds your arrival. Come home now Beloved Lord Krishna.  New buds will be strewn on the road and you will be  worshiped day and night. Let it be that you will leave only after having tasted the nectar of devotion. I wish to bathe You in flowers and Your feet in sandal-wood never to far away from them. If you leave do so slowly because my home is near the banks of the river Jamuna, the resident of Lord Krishna in Brindavan.

Why suffer when you have truth on your side? Some benefits to moral aggression not. CF Andrews on MK Gandhi.

satyagraha2(Satyagraha, or soul force) is a force which requires discipline, training and direction. There must also be a religious background combined with a faith that can remove mountains. For the discipline, proceeding from within, implies a sustained courage superior to military fortitude, a bravery more reckless in heroic daring than a forlorn hope in a desperate campaign, a power of suffering greater even than that of the battlefield and the trenches. Mahatma Gandhi believes this force of moral resistance in its purity to be irresistable. For it is a Law of God’s Moral Nature, an attribute of God Himself. This is Gandhi’s great theory of life which he has tried to bring into line with practical science by repeated experiment. The evils of the world may be righted without recourse to the false arbitrament of war. The beauty of this method is that it comes up to oneself; one has not to go out in search for it. A struggle of Righteousness in which there no secrets to be guarded, no scope for cunning, and no place for untruth, comes unsought; a man of religion is ever ready for it. A struggle which has to be previously planned is not a righteous struggle. In the latter God Himself plans the campaign and conducts battles. It can be waged only in the name of God. Only when the the combatant feels quite helpless–only when he has come to the extreme point of weakness, only then God comes to the rescue. Only to the weak and helpless is the divine succour vouchsafed.” God is Truth and Goodness and for those reasons Satyagraha might be a “moral equivalent for war.”


Chants of Hildegard Von Bingen On The Majesty Of Jerusalem.

swan lake









Holiness To The King.

Holiness To The King


O Jerusalem, aurea civitas, ornata Regis purpura. O edificatio summe bonitatis, que es lux numquam obscurata.Tu enim es ornata in aurora et in calore solis. O beata pureritia, que rutilas in aurora, et o laudabilis adolescentia, que ardes in sole. Nam tu, O nobilis Ruperte, in his sicut gemma fulsisti, unde non potes abscondi stultis hominibus, sicut nec mons valli celatur. Fenestre tue, Jerusalem, cum topazio et saphiro specialiter sunt decorate. In quibus dum fulges, O Ruperte, non potes abscondi tepidis moribus, sicut nec mons valli, coronatus rosis, liliis et purpura in vera ostensione. O tener flos campi, et a dulcis viriditas pomi, et o sarcina sine medulla, que non flectit pectora in crimina. O vas nobile, quod non est pollutum nec devoratum in saltatione antique spelunce, et quod non est maceratum in vulneribus antiqui perditoris. In te symphonizat Spiritus Sanctus, quia angelicis choris associaris, et quoniam in Filio Dei ornaris, cum nullam maculam habes. Quod vas decorum tu es, o Ruperte, qui in pueritia et in adolescentia tua ad Deum anhelasti in timore Dei et in amplexione caritatis et in suavissimo odore bonorum operum. O Jerusalem, fundamentum tuum positum est cum torrentibus lapidibus, quod est cum publicanis et peccatoribus, qui perdite oves erant,sed per Filium Dei invente ad te cucurrerunt et in te positi sunt. Deinde muri tui fulminant vivis lapidibus, qui per summum studium bone voluntatis quasi nubes in celo volaverunt. Et ita turres tue, o Jerusalem, rutilant et candent per ruborem et per candorem sanctorum et per omnia ornamenta Dei que tibi non desunt, o Jerusalem. Unde vos, o ornati et o coronati, qui habitatis in Jerusalem, et o tu, Ruperte, qui es socius eorum in hac habitatione, succurrite nobis famulantibus et in exilio laborantibus.

O Jerusalem, golden city, robed in royal purple; O edifice of highest excellence, you are a light never darkened. You are adorned in the dawn and in the heat of the sun. O blessed childhood which gleams in the dawn, and fair youth, aflame in the sun. For you, O noble Rupert, glitter in these like a gem. You cannot be hidden by human foolishness, Just as a mountain cannot be hidden by a valley. Your windows, Jerusalem, are carefully decorated with topaz and sapphire. In these windows you blaze, O Rupert, and cannot be hidden by tepid mortals; Just as a mountain cannot be hidden; but instead crowned with roses, lilies and purple, in a true revelation.O tender flower of the field,O sweet juiciness of the apples,O burden without weight,let none bend a head to their breast in guilt.O noble vessel which was not polluted nor drained in the ancient ceremony of the cave and is not weakened by wounds from the ancient destroyer. In you sings the Holy Spirit, with whom the angelic choir unites, and through whom you are adorned in the Son of God, having no stain upon you. O Rupert, what a beautiful chalice you are, for in your childhood and youth you sighed after God in awe of God; and in the tender embrace of Love, you lived in the sweetest aroma of good deeds. O Jerusalem, your foundation is laid with burning stones, which are the tax-gatherers and sinners who were lost sheep, but discovered by the Son of God they ran to you, and were placed in you. Thus your walls blaze with living stones, who with great efforts of good will have flown like clouds into the sky. And so your towers, O Jerusalem, glitter and gleam with dawn, and with sacred incandescence, and with all the finery of God which you do not lack, O Jerusalem. Therefore, O you adorned and crowned ones who live in Jerusalem, and you, O Rupert, who are their companion in that dwelling, help us, who are serving and laboring in exile.


Ab To Aaja Re Rajan. Come home now King. Raag Nand. Vocalist, the grandson of Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Bhuvan Komkali.

Badara. Rain clouds.

The Empire Of His Beauty.

Israel antiquities authority.

Israel antiquities authority.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem. The Wall of prayers.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem. The Wall of prayers.

Ab tho aaja re rajan, dheeran rahath kajara ankhan me rajan ab tho aajare rajan abanna sahu re piya abanna sahu re piya chubb thori ho gayi aakhan me rajan ab tho aaja re rajan. It has been long enough, come home  now my King. I have waited patiently with kohl covered eyes so that where-ever I look I may only see You.  Prince of the world you are Beloved and all that is now belongs to You so that we are to worship You wherever we will be. Come to my home now God.

Shatter Me Not. Lindsey Stirling.

“Shatter Me”
(feat. Lzzy Hale)
[Verse 1: Lzzy Hale]I pirouette in the dark I see the stars through me Tired mechanical heart Beats ’til the song disappears [Chorus:]Somebody shine a light I’m frozen by the fear in me Somebody make me feel alive And shatter me So cut me from the line Dizzy, spinning endlessly Somebody make me feel alive And shatter me! [Violin]Shatter me! Somebody make me feel alive And shatter me! [Verse 2:] If only the clockwork could speak I wouldn’t be so alone We’d burn every magnet and spring And spiral into the unknown [Chorus] [Violin ] [Bridge:] If I break the glass, then I’ll have to fly There’s no one to catch me if I take a dive I’m scared of change, and the days stay the same The world is spinning but only in gray If I break the glass, then I’ll have to fly There’s no one to catch me if I take a dive I’m scared of change, and the days stay the same  The world is spinning but only in gray (Only…) [Chorus] [Violin :] Me…!Shatter me! Somebody make me feel alive And shatter me!