Megho Meduro Boroshai. Vocalist H. Shukla. Songs by the poet, Nazrul Islam. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav Jerusalém of Gold by Shuli Natan.

Megho meduro boroshai kothai tumi phulo choraye kaande bunobhumi, Megho meduro boroshai, boroshai kothai tumi, megho ….jhure bari dhara phire aesho pothohara kaande nodi thoto chumi megho meduro boroshai kothai tumi.  In a cloudless sky where are you hidden in the rain God? The strewn flowers make the earth and forests cry. The rainfall makes paths clear for those who have lost their way.  Seeing, the  river kissed.  Within the cloudless sky why are You hidden in the rain?  Yerushalaim Shel Zahav Jerusalém of Gold. Sung by Shuli Natan. blackswan

Ancient Jerusalem Made Holy.

Ancient Jerusalem Made Holy.








 ם צלול כיין וריח אורנים נישא ברוח הערביים עם קול פעמונים.ובתרדמת אילן ואבןשבויה בחלומההעיר אשר בדד יושבתובליבה חומהירושלים של זהבושל נחושת ושל אורהלא לכל שירייךאני כינור…חזרנו אל בורות המיםלשוק ולכיכרשופר קורא בהר הביתבעיר העתיקה.ובמערות אשר בסלעאלפי שמשות זורחותנשוב נרד אל ים המלחבדרך יריחו.אך בבואי היום לשיר לךולך לקשור כתריםקטונתי מצעיר בנייךומאחרון המשוררים.כי שמך צורב את השפתייםכנשיקת שרףאם אשכחך ירושליםאשר כולה זהבירושלים של זהב. Jerusalem of Gold. The mountain air is clear as wine, And the scent of pines Is carried on the breeze of twilight With the sound of bells. And in the slumber of tree and stone, Captured in her dream The city that sits solitary And in its midst is a wall. Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze, and of light Behold I am a violin, for all your songs. We have returned to the cisterns To the market and to the market-place A ram’s horn (shofar) calls out (i.e. is being heard) on the Temple Mount. In the Old City.  And in the caves in the mountain Thousands of suns shine -We will once again descend to the Dead Sea By way of Jericho! Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze and of light. Behold I am a violin for all your songs. But as I come to sing to you today, And to adorn crowns to you (i.e. to tell your praise) I am the smallest of the youngest of your children (i.e. the least worthy of doing so) And of the last poet (i.e. of all the poets born). For your name scorches the lips Like the kiss of a seraph If I forget thee, Jerusalem, Which is all gold…Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze, and of light Behold I am a violin for all your songs. Torah. Teaching, a moral law. violin



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