Snigdho Shaymo Beni Borna- The Beloved of Lord Krishna. Nazrul Islam. Anjali Mukherjee Vocalist. Jerusalem of Old and Now; Malobika

Piety in faith.

Piety in faith.

The blue hued eye.

The blue hued eye.

sparkling white swans

Snighdho shaymo beni borna, esho malobika, malobika.  Orjuno monjori korne bole nipo malika malobika. Kheena thonni jolo dhorono mitha shyamo jombu bone aesho Amitha, aano kundho malothi jui, bhorithalika malobika snigdho shaymo beni borna. Ghono neelo bashe ongo gheere aesho Onjona, Reba nodhiro theere bhori honsho mithun aaka shari jhilimil aesho dagoro chokhe makhi shagorero nil daake bidyutho ingithe dhigbalika malobika, snigdho shaymo beni borna esho malobika. During the rain Princess in black arrive to wear the garland worn by Arjun. Speak now wearing this necklace.  Cloaked in white a Queen’s friendship is forged in fire. The Lord Krishna’s abode beckons our Princess.  Bring for her every flower so that when supper is completed, she may embrace the gracious Anjona, and servant, Reba. Come Princess with your companions to settle near the banks of the river. Let your eyes be bathed in the deep blue of the waters. Witness the swans of sparkling white. The lightning appears in the horizon as a young girl, such is a Queen’s glory. Come princess to the abode of Brindaban, refuge of Orjun’s beloved, Lord Krishna.

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