Traces of the Beloved. Lost Songs of the Silk Road. Persia to India. Vaishnava Jana To Tene Kahiye Je. Raag Khamaj. Beloved is like MK Gandhi’s “Silken bonds of Love.” Flutist, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Synagogue, Persia now Iran not.

Synagogue, Persia now Iran.


Lost songs of the silk road are my Traces of the Beloved.

 Lahu dil ka agaya hai, mere aansuon me dhal gaye,  vo nighah tere katil, rahi zindagi badal ke, deere nil, mujhe tumhi  kuch bathado, ye hasin chaand tharon vo kahan chale gaye hain meri zindagi badal ke, ye nighah hai naaz jaana hai ye dil me sal sheesha, kahin thes lag na jaaye zara dekh na sambhal ke. The blood of my heart flows with my tears. Your looks have changed my life. I ask the moon and stars where have you gone after changing it. O, the light of my eyes, my heart is like a mirror, treat it carefully so that it may not splinter.

دل کا آ گیا ہے میرے آنسوؤں میں ڈھل کے
وہ نگاہ تیری قاتل رہی زندگی بدل کے

مجھے تم ہی کچھ بتا دو اے حسین چاند تارو
وہ کہاں چلے گئے ہیں میری زندگی بدل کے

اے نگاہِ ناز جانا ہے یہ دل مثال شیشہ
کہیں ٹھیس لگ نہ جائے زرا دیکھنا سنبھل کے

Vaishanva Jana To Tene Kahiye Je. Music of the flute. I listen to the voice of the pious. A favorite of a law of value. Vaishanva Jana To Tene Kahiye Je.sabarmati ashram

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