My Sorrow. Translation from Urdu of Poet Shakeel Badayuni.

Do not become my Lord and then betray our faith. My life hurts so much that love has left my soul. Thus, do not bless me with more. My burden is intolerable. How can it be otherwise when I am in the kingdom of hell. My face is one that I cannot show to the world, yet you allowed for this to be shown to everyone. I am going to pretend that this is not my story or my life. How can it be so evil when I have fervently served you? The path of destiny is far away from me I plead with you to  leave me alone with my suffering.  The longing so bright in me showers the earth. When will you understand this scar on my soul is light and this light permeates all? I am afraid that you will take even this from me. When you pierce into my eyes you see hatred, yet they are the eternal witness of God. Do not then human call me to you so that witnesses are destroyed as well. Christlike you have poured wine on my lips I believe to lessen the suffering yet cunningly you smiled and took that away as well. O Shakeel poet and philosopher where did you go? This potion of life that you have provided is evil as you serve only to betray me so that I fall in front of your empty promises. Life is  like a mirage, world be wary and keep from wanting more.

A Salute to Hitler and friend Mussolini.

Hitler with Mussolini.

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