Sir Arthur Rubinstein Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5. Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Jerusalem, Israel. Pt. Rajan & Sajan Mishra Of Patiala Gharana, Home To the Patiala Style of Vocal Hindustani Classical Music. Raag Malkauns. Seasons.


Jerusalem of old.

Jerusalem of old.

kahuki aankhiya raseel rasili man bhaye, o itna sundara mukh gaye, chabi jaan sab saankhiya, saadha mor mor muskan jaathe mukh aeso chanchal naar kar ke shringar mukh mor mor muskan jaathe.  Aaj more ghar aayee le balama more ghar aayi le balama karungi sadarang so rang rangaliya..sugandhara gyan phool basan payroon phulaban se jaki chaaon chuna chuna galiyan. It appears for a while that I cannot extol the beauty of my Love as you rest in my heart.  Your beautiful face when made known, all the handmaidens appeared. Your smile which fills human beings with grace. Like a peacock full of  pride my beloved came home today. I will worship HIM with songs of praise and adoration. Adorned with the fragrance of flowers we pay homage to your glory. And I will bless your name in every corner of this earth.

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