Ankhiyan Hari, Darasan Ki Pyaari, I Long To Meet My Beloved Lord In Brindavan. Written by Surdas 15th-century Saint and Poet Of The Indian Subcontinent. Bhajan-Devotional Songs.

Heavenly hall of Song.

Heavenly hall of letters.




Saint Surdas.

Saint Surdas



Ankhiyaan hari darasana ki pyari, dekho chahata kamala nayana ko nisi din rahata udaasi ankhiyan hari darasana ki pyari. Aaye uudho giridhara aangan, daari gaye barbadi, aankhiyan hari darasana ki pyaari. Kesari tilaka motinati mala, vrindavan ki vaasi, ankhiyan hari.. kaahu ke man ki koun janate, logan ke man haasi, ankhiyan hari..Surdas prabhu tumhare darasa binne logo karvate kaashi ankhiyaan hari darasana ki pyari. Lord I long for your Presence.  I hunger for your lotus eyes, spending each day sorrowfully and in misery.  Those who enter the Land of Lord Krishna are freed from evil. Lord I long for thee. Thy locks are covered with pearls,  you are the Resident of Vrindavan. What is revealed to you nobody knew yet you fill every being with happiness and joy. The poet Surdas yearning went to the land of the penitent, Kaashi. Lord I search for your Presence. Poet Surdas, A Servant of Songs.

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