Wo Jo Hum Mein Tumme Qaraar Tha: Begum Akhtar Vocalist.

Queen Esther.

Queen Esther.

Palace of worship

Palace of worship.

Dominion of God. Our Lady of Hope, Grace, and Prayer.  .Woh Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein Qaraar Tha, Tumhe Yaad Ho Ke Naa Yaad Ho,Wohi Yaani Waada Nibaah Kaa, Tumhe Yaad Ho Ke Naa Yaad Ho,Woh Jo Lutf Mujh Pe Thae Beshtar, Woh Karam Ke Tha Mere Haal Par,Mujhe Sab Hai Yaad Zaraa Zaraa, Tumhe Yaad Ho Ke Naa Yaad Ho,Woh Naye Gile, Woh Shikaayatein, Woh Maze Maze Ki Hiqaayatein,Woh Har Ek Baath Pe Roothnaa, Tumhe Yaad Ho Ke Naa Yaad Ho, Kabhi Hum Mein Tum Mein Bhi Chah Thi, Kabhi Hum se Tumse bhi raah thi. Kabhi hum bhi tum bhi thae Ashna, Tumhein Yaad Ho Ke Naa Yaad Ho, Jise Aap Ginate thae Ashana, Jise Aap Kehate thae Baavafaa, Main Wahi huun ‘momin-e-mukhtela’, Tumhein Yaad Ho Ke Naa Yaad Ho. Do you remember the truth between us, that made promises we seek? That wonder that lasted between the two of us leading to benevolent will, have you forgotten it all or just pieces of it? Our love mixed in with pride and hurt that through will made stories. Will you let me believe that your piques were just a figment?When we face each other our sight speak volumes to one another. That thread of desire made open to all, do you remember me today Beloved? Opportunity rushes to us and asks for patience, every moment rebuking those it loves the most. Where did that splendor of longing go, it seems that we lost our way even though it was just yesterday that we met do you remember? Listen this conversation between us has gone on for a long time, tell me once and for all do you remember the agreement between us, Beloved? That agreement is now ruined because you never agreed to any thing I said.Yet even ruin was enveloped in beauty such is the strength of belonging between us. Do you recall our vows to each other now? You counted me as a friend and called me faithful, I am that poet embraced in this will. Do you remember Beloved?

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