Pt. Bhimsen Joshi: Raag Miyan Ki Malhar: How to Welcome The Beloved of The Rain Who Is Also Sadarangile, the Eternal Witness.

Synagogue Persia, Iran.

Synagogue Persia, Iran.

 Mumade charangil gariye balama tumme binne mai ke tori badaria eitna suhave mumade charangil, mumade rangile balama, balama rangile, rangile, mumade charangil gariye balama tumme bine mai ke tori badaria eitna suhave mumade charangil, ghumande, ghumande ghanna ghave naina chari lagaye, (lagave)ghanna ghave ri tumme bine mai ghanna ghave ghumande, ghumande ghanna ghaave naina saril lagave tarkave sada rangile ko adaaji chamakate bichate darave mumade charangil..dari e balama, tumme binne mai kya kari badariya, eitna suhave..rangile balama tumme bina mai ka kari badariya eitna suhave, mumade charangil.This garden of delight, Beloved, is nothing without you. The clouds of rain welcomed. They thunder and our eyes are forced to meet because I wander as a cloud. Our meeting was delayed I suffered greatly for You. I pay obeisance because thy power is like lightning and thunder and I get afraid. Without you then how can I as a cloud welcome You?

Constable, rain clouds.

Constable, rain clouds.

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