Raag Hameer. Dekhi Aise Pyare Ladali-I saw the most beloved. Rashid Khan.

woman with green braceletDekhi Aisi pyare ladali, sundara sundara murad murad pyari, pyari, chamkata chab gatha, dekhi aisi pyare ladali sundara, sundara pyari ladali, sur nar pyari ladali, yee ladali dekhi aisi pyare ladali ki sundara, sundara, murad murad dekhi aise pyare ladali sundara…deem tana dhir dhir derena na ga dha pa ga ma ne..aaa. datani odani odani tana deem tana dhir dhir derena ta na dere na…My Beloved appeared dear to me, beautiful so beautiful in all her ways. The brilliant stories and traits of her immortal . That is how I learnt of the divine.

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