Poet: Shakeel Badayuni. Abhi na jaon chord kar. Do not leave yet. Vocalist Akriti aka Shreya Ghoshal.

Abhi na jaaon chord kar ke dhil abhi bhara nahin – Abhi abhi tho aaye ho bahar banke chhaye ho hawa zara mehek tho le nazar zara behek tho le ye shaam dhal tho le zara ye dhil samhal tho le zara main thori dhair jee tho luun nashe ke ghuunt pi tho luun nashe ke ghunt pi tho luun abhi tho kuchh kaha nahin abhi tho kuchh suna nahin abhi na jaaon chord kar ke dhil abhi bhara nahin .adhuri aas… -chordke adhuri pyas chord ke Jo roz yuun hi jaaoge tho kis tharha nibhaoge Ke zindigi ki rahon mein jawan dhilon ki chah mein kayee maqam aayenge jo humko azmayenge bura na mano baath ka ye pyar hai gila nahin Nahin nahin nahin nahin abhi na jaaon chord kar ke dhil abhi bhara nahin.Don’t abandon me yet as my soul is empty. I have come to you as glory. Let the uprising play to its fullness until this world pays attention to you. This evening’s destiny is on the table for all humanity to partake of.  I have been waiting to live for just one more moment drunk in longing. Still there is no response. You have yet to hear. The stars sparkle in the sky and the road opens ahead.  Sometimes this is how you are when my heart is never full. Let go of harassment and do not take from me the promise that beckoned. If I stop now I will never be able to leave. If you do so, this is how you will always be remembered. Wherever there is distraught do not O Lord make it a will of your own. Stop taking offense when all I asked for was love not theft. Leaving this strange place leaving this home how will I survive O God when everything you have built is lost. Life’s journey has been misplaced and its desperation revealed in the eyes of children. There will be many false beginnings before truth is made known. These are not stories of hate but of longing for truth.

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