The Goddess Durga Slaying Demons. Jai durge durgati pariharini. Surrender To Her Will. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Hindustani Classical Music. Ogo nodhi apon bege pagol para, the river in ecstasy. Vocalist, Hemantha Mukherjee.

Jai durge durgati pariharini, shumbha vidarini matha bhavani jai durge durgati pariharini…adi shakti para brahma swarupini, jagat janini chahuveda bathane jai durge durgati parihini….brahma shiva hari archan kiinu gyan dharat sur nar muni gyani jai durge…ashttha bhuja kar ghatta virage, shimbha sawa sakal varadini jai durge…Brahma nand sharan me aayo bhava bhaya nash karo maharani, jai durge durgati pariharini shumbha vidarini mata bhavani jai durge durgati parihini….Victory to Goddess Durga, the Mother of All. You who has the power of the Creator and rules with wisdom of the Vedas. The three worlds of the Creator, The Destroyer, and The Preserver pay homage to Thee. The One who has knowledge greater than the all the saints combined. You are the one who rides a lion to save the world. Come world into Her Holy presence, and have your sins destroyed. Salutations to Goddess Durga, the Queen.

river in ecstasy.

River in ecstasy. Ogo nodhi apon bege pagol para.

Ogo nodhi apon bege pagol para,Ami sthobdho chapar thoru gondhobhore thondrahara, ami shodha ochol thaki gobhir chola gopon rakhi amar chola nobin pathai amar chola gopon dhara,ogo nodhi cholar bege pagol para,pothe pothe bahir hoye apon hara, amar chola jaina bola alor pane praner chola,akash bojhe anondo thar bojhe nishar nirob thara ogo nodhi apon bege pagol para. Listen to the river that wanders in ecstasy here, I am stunned by its presence. In its fragrance I wish to lose my soul. I will always remain bereft of you, my friend the river. No one can realize this journey except the light that envelopes souls. The heavens understand this light as do the silent stars at night. I want to walk in your depths along the fragrant river banks. As I wander along and leave your side, it is myself that I have lost. It can be said that through the journey the soul is uplifted. The sky admits the joy of the running river and so do the stars in heaven.

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