Thoughts of Nobel Rabindranath Tagore on the meaning of a house of peace Santiniketan. The Blue Danube, Strauss. Shundori Komola- Beautiful Flower. Baul Music of Bengal.

taken @ the Gandhi museum in Madurai, Tamil Na...

Written by poet Rabindranath Tagore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 “Wisdom, you will agree, is the pursuit of completeness; it is in blending life’s diverse work with the joy of living…in Santiniketan, therefore, we provide our own entertainment and we consider it a part of education to collaborate in perfecting beauty. ….

In this we are following the ancient wisdom of China and India; the Tao or True Path, was the golden road uniting arduous service with music and pleasing works.  Thus in the hardest hours of trial you have never lost the power of spiritual life which has refreshed your manhood and attended upon your great flowerings of civilisation…. ” Rabindranath. Tagore, Art in Education and on MK Gandhi. 

The Blue Danube, Johann Strauss, Waltz not.  Dimitri Shostakovich, 2nd Waltz   Shundori Komola, Beautiful flowerBaul song: Mystic minstrels from Bengal. Nachite nachite shundori komola haliya haliya pore re, o tui bhalo koira bajao go dotora shundori komola nache, shundari komola chorone nupur rini jhini koira baje re o tui bhalo koira bajao go dotora shundori komola nache shundori komola porone shari koira jhil mil kore re, o tui bhalo koira bajao go dotora, shundori komola nache, shundori komola naake nolok tol mol koira dole re, o tui bhalo kore bajao go dotora shundari…ebadi hoitae, oho badi jayire ghata pade jhil mil pani re, shundori komola amar kijil jama jora koyel re bijil shari re, o tui bhalo koira bajao go dotora shundori komola nache. Tired from her dancing play the two stringed instrument  for Komola to flourish. Look at the anklets that make music, play the instrument well for her to dance. Dressed in finery her beauty sparkles. Listen and make sure that you use her song for glory. The beauteous one with her pierced nose is unsteady in her gait. When she left home to go to another’s she will find the waters glittering. The wings of the koyel bird will carry her. Baul play the two stringed instrument well for her to be carried ashore.

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