Musafir Mochre Aankhi Jol-Traveller, Friend Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes-Songs of poet Nazrul Islam.


Musafir mochre aankhi jol phire chol apanare niya apone phute chilo phul, kiache apone choriya, musafir mochre aankhi jol, re pagol eki durasha jole tui bhadh bi basha, mete na hethai piyasha,  jethaanai trisha dhoriya musafir moch re ankhi jol, boroshai phutlo na bakul,payush phut be ki she phul, ae deshe jhare shudhu bhool, nirashar kanon bhoriya, musafir moche re abi katoi deyali jalili tor alo jali, alona tor bonomali andhar tori dhuliya musafir moch ankhi jol phire chol.  Traveller wipe the tears from your eyes, and turn back taking yourself with you. Your flowers blossomed within themselves. Traveller, companion wipe your eyes let us go back. O crazy one what misfortune has befallen that you want to build your home on this flood. Yet the thirst for what is here is never quenched, hold as you do on to even the trivial. Friend wipe your eyes. In the rain when the seasonal flowers did not bloom, do you think that they will bloom now? In this country only wrongdoing occurs, filling ears with hopelessness.  O poet how many occasions will you bind to the festival in order to light the spark of your being? Your Gardener never came leaving you alone and abandoned. Traveller, wipe the tears of your face and turn away now.

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