Amar ghum bhaangano chand. The silent moon that disturbs my sleep. Songs of Bangla (Bengal) Composer Atulprasad Sen. 1932.


English: ghum railway station

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amar ghum bhangano chand, amar mon bhangano chand, tumi jaao go shore, bataonye amar pane cheyona amonokore,ghum bhangano chand bidhu tumi badhu rupe aele ghare chupe chupe noyone korle porosh, hirano kone, amar ghum bhangano chand, koyona purano kotha, diyona purano betha enona purano pradip aandharo ghore, jani ogo sharbanashi janie tobo mohonhashi, jani tobo sharbanashi.. jani tobo bhalo basha dudino tole, amar ghum bhangano chand, amar mon bhangano chand tumi jao go shore, batayone amar pane cheyona amono koro, ghum bhangano chand. The moon that disrupts my sleeping, the moon that breaks my heart, go away please. From afar do not look down upon me. The moon that disrupted my sleep she insultingly comes to me in the guise of a bride silently and secretively. Of my eyes you took control and asserted it’s strength from far away. Do not tell me old stories, do not give me old suffering, do not give me an old lantern for my home. I know ruination, the criminal. I know the grace of God. I also know of a loving tomorrow that is me. My moonlight that breaks even the earth’s boundaries.

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